The Benton County Sheriff's Office this week has clarified its position on vaccine mandates for all the workers in the department.

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Following the firing of numerous Washington State Patrol workers, DOT employees, and others, new Sheriff Croskey issued this statement, which we provide verbatim:

"The Benton County, WA Government does not currently have a vaccine mandate for its employees, contractors, and volunteers. The Benton County Sheriff’s Office agrees with this approach. The Sheriff’s Office also does not have a vaccine mandate as a condition of employment. Sheriff Croskrey emphasized this at an agency wide meeting on 10/20/2021. Sheriff Croskrey has chosen to be vaccinated and feels the vaccine is safe. However, he believes being vaccinated is a personal choice, therefore, he will not mandate sheriff’s office personnel to be vaccinated."

Unlike other law enforcement leaders, Sheriff's are elected by the people, and most of them in our state and across the county adhere strongly to the US and State Contitutions. Sheriff's tend to have a far greater respect and adherence to that, and do not allow whims of political leaders (Inslee) to influence the law of the land.

By the way, they're hiring...509-735-6555 or by email at to get details.

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