With school starting on Aug. 28, it’s time to start thinking about fun back-to-school shopping! Here are 10 super-cute bags from Etsy.com to help make your preparations enjoyable. Get ideas to make them yourself, or buy these home-made backpacks online. Just click the picture to see the Etsy page.

First we have a cute pink and green backpack with fancy finishes, interior pocket, and a flap with magnetic closure. Can be used as a backpack or a variety of other things (gym bag, purse, diaper bag, etc.).

Here we have a unique, 13 inch, round, crochet sunflower backpack.

Take some cool cloth and add some colored duct tape to mix up the design with this handy drawstring backpack.

Add a pocket on front, in the mouth of a ballerina monster for your own loveable little monster’s belongings.

Wild, colorful, and sparkling for a personality to match. Incorporate floral and fauna with exciting faux fur and multiple colored sparkling flowers.

This adorable hedgehog, cinch top backpack is tough and made of strong 10 oz. 100% cotton canvas.

For more than just school, add a customized design on this boutique style black & white backpack.

Check out this small, iconic camera backpack, trendy with elastic and tie down straps, zippers, and buckles.

Semper Fi.  A faithful backpack for your little sailor on the rough seas of school.

Design your own kid’s puppy backpack, large but light weight for your fashion maven.