After ten years, a former Kennewick City Council member has announced she won't be seeking re-election in 2022.

Senator Sharon Brown (R-8th District Kennewick-Richland-Benton County) said Wednesday she's not seeking another term.

While her plans for the future are not immediately known, she did run unsuccessfully for Superior Court Judge in Benton County over the last 18 months. After winning the primary she lost the general election.

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Since 2013, she's pushed heavily for tech and industrial growth for our area, especially Hanford. Along with House Reps. Matt Boehnke and Brad Kilppert, Brown established the 8th District as one of the most conservative in the state.

Her statement included this:

“It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding periods of my life; however, I believe that it is now time to move on to new challenges and opportunities, as well as make room for new voices and ideas. I have therefore decided that I will not be seeking re-election."

Between now and then, there will likely be a scramble to see who emerges as candidates to replace her on the ballot in November 2022. She had taken over the 8th District Senate Seat from Jerome Delvin, who left to become a Benton County Commissioner in 2013.

Her term will expire in January, 2023.


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