Sometimes kindness and manners come out of the most unlikely situations!

Like many of you, I was standing in a 7-Eleven on 7/11 celebrating 7-Eleven Day, hoping to get one of the thousands of free Slurpees. Unfortunately, although we made it there around 5 p.m. -- well before the 7 p.m. window advertised on the website -- they had run out. It didn't escape me or our son Dhylan and 4-year-old daughter Harley that it also said "While Supplies Last."

We watched for a few minutes as the obviously worn-down manager politely explained to every person coming through the door that they had run out of the several thousand freebies an hour earlier. We had sent a text to mom at work asking what flavor she wanted on her way home, and while we waited for her reply we observed the gamut of human behavior.

  • Some people accepted it and just bought one anyway.
  • A few people complained
  • Some stormed out angry
  • One woman insisted that because the website said free Slurpees til 7 p.m. that she be given one --nevermind the three words: "While Supplies Last."

Dhylan, Harley and I began to make our way over to the dispenser and the manager -- who had been standing close by while informing the customers -- had apparently heard us discussing the mentality of the people coming through the door.

Much to our surprise, he pulled us aside and said, "Because you have been patient and understanding -- especially your children -- go ahead and get some small Slurpees... on me."

The look on my kids' faces was priceless!

They were delighted about getting one, and minutes later, we departed with our frozen treats.

Nevermind they were the smallest size, the kids were happy with them.

While I reminded them that you don't behave yourself just to expect a reward, sometimes conducting yourself with dignity, understanding, and class will be noticed in the most unlikely of situations.

A good life lesson, and to that manager, kudos and thanks.

Despite being run over by often-rude customers, he took the time to recognize two children for acting more like adults than some of his customers. And yes, the 7-Eleven corporation has already gotten an email from me praising the patience and class of that manager.

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