You know him from the 80's hit TV show Growing Pains and I'm sure you had his poster on your wall as a teenager and now Kirk Cameron is coming to Kennewick!

It's an event called "Living Room Reset" and it's going to be hosted by South Hills Church on October 5th.

Kirk Cameron explains on his website on what the "Living Room Reset" event is...

How do we raise kids in a social media environment? How do we learn to cherish our spouses? What does biblical authority in the home look like for both parents and children? Over 27 years of marriage and 22 years of raising kids, I’ve found that as a family there is nothing we can’t get through, nothing we can’t figure out if we just gather in the living room and take time to reset a few things; refocus on the things that really matter.

I’ve created a marriage and parenting event called Living Room Reset, but you get to choose the topics. I don’t think that’s EVER been done before on this scale. As you read this, my team and I are packing up the living room to tour churches across the country; to equip and encourage couples, parents, and grandparents to thrive in their family relationships and honor God in their families by "resetting" the operating system in their homes. We’ll dive deep into the toughest questions facing us today, questions that demand honest answers. We’ll laugh together, cry together, pray and worship together.

Chelsea and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this conversation and part of the work God is doing in families across the country. We’ve partnered with some wonderful organizations to make this event possible, and we’ll hear from some Godly men and women along the way. Matt Hammitt, formerly of Sanctus Real, will be out with us leading worship! I hope you’ll have a chance to come to an event near you.

I look forward to meeting you soon.
Tickets for the event go on sale August 2nd and you can get more details on the event and tickets through this Facebook event page here 

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