Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed to join another lawsuit against the Trump Administration, this marks the 70th such effort he's spearheaded or been a part of.

Ferguson along with Attorney's Generals from 13 other 'blue' states (including Oregon, Minnesota, Virginia) in the suit seeking to prevent the Administration's operational changes with the US Postal Service. They claim it will disrupt the Nov. Presidential-General Election.

The Administration is seeking cut cutting measures after recent reports indicate the USPS needs tens of billions to help keep it afloat. Much of the issue comes from it's pension issues, as well as COVID pandemic accelerated issues concerning less and less use of First Class Mail. There are a host of other issues, as laid out by Business Insider (click here).

Even the Washington Post has agreed that while the debate over voter fraud occurring due to mail in votes continues the chance of voter disenfranchisement is very high. Issues such as voters not receiving ballots when requested, ballots not being delivered in time or at all, and the 2020 Democratic primaries it took nearly six weeks for two hotly contested New York races to be decided.

In our state alone, it took over 11 days before all but the last of the votes were tallied from our August 4 primary.

Ferguson's lawsuit reads in part:

"Ferguson asserts that the Postmaster General has acted outside of his authority to implement changes to the postal system, and did not follow the proper procedures under federal law.

The law requires that changes at the U.S. Postal Service that cause a nationwide impact in mail service must be submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission. The commission then evaluates the proposal through a procedure that includes public notice and comment. The Trump Administration’s failure to perform this mandatory duty deprived the states of their statutory right to notice and comment on USPS’ nationwide service changes.

Ferguson’s lawsuit seeks to block the unlawful service reductions and operational changes at the Postal Service."


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