Newly-minted Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss our state's passage of I-502 legalizing marijuana despite a federal ban.

Inslee described his 45-minute meeting with Holder Tuesday as "very satisfying." He said the encounter was a confidence builder in implementing laws to regulate recreational pot.

Inslee had requested the meeting to inform Holder of the details of the bill and to assure him Washington officials would work to make sure production and sales of the drug do not leak over into other states where it is not legal.

At issue is the federal law calling marijuana an illegal drug -- even for medical purposes. Holder did not indicate one way or the other how he will react once pot stores become operational. Inslee said that was not the purpose of the meeting.

Inslee said the number of questions Holder asked him about I-502 showed he was interested in keeping on top of the issue, and perhaps working with state officials as the measure is implemented by the state liquor control board.

A series of public meetings to gather input from citizens as to how the marijuana production and sale process should be handled will start early next month in Seattle. The closest such meeting in our area will be in Yakima on Feb. 21 in the City Council Chambers.

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