West Richland theft attempt (WRPD)
West Richland theft attempt (WRPD)

Thursday afternoon, a citizen in West Richland thwarted a possible catalytic converter theft.

   Police called by a citizen, who saw a man underneath a car

A citizen in the 4000 block of King Drive in West Richland called the police after seeing something that didn't just look right.

The person told the dispatcher they saw a man lying underneath a parked vehicle, and his arms were making a sawing motion. The man crawled out and drove off, getting away before the citizen could get their license plate.

However, their crime had been interrupted and they only 'almost' got away with the truck's catalytic converter.

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West Richland Police and other law enforcement agencies urge citizens to keep an eye out in their neighborhoods, and call in activity that's suspicious, or just doesn't seem right.

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