The new P.L.A.N. is coming to your cell phone eventually...whether you like it or not.

Unveiled in New York City today, the new PLAN, or Personalized Local Alert Network, sends emergency information automatically to your cell phone as well as what are being called Presidential alerts and Amber Alerts via special software in your cell phone.   The plan went active in New York City today, but is expected to spread nationwide, as Verizon and AT&T are on board.  Customers would have the choice to opt out of all the alerts EXCEPT the Presidential messages.  Critics are already panning the system as just another intrusion by the government into private citizens' lives.  They argue while it does serve a useful purpose, forcing customers to purchase phones that will contain this special software, and not allowing them to opt out of  "presidential messages" is a violation of their freedom of choice.  Currently there are numerous emergency alert systems that customers can choose to subscribe to, including Amber Alerts of missing or abducted children, but they are voluntary.  Never before have cell phone manufacturers been on board with the idea of putting  apps in phones that include mandatory information ("presidential alerts").  Interestingly, a web search by Newstalk 870 revealed NO information whatsoever about this new PLAN.  No stories, or informational websites.

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