Friday Walla Walla County officials issued a Disaster Declaration over the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

It reads as follows, fairly self-explanatory:

– "The Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners have signed a Declaration of Emergency related to the Novel Corona 2019 Virus (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic. This declaration authorizes county departments to enter into contracts with Board of County Commissioner approval and incur obligations necessary during the outbreak in order to protect the health and safety of persons and property and provide emergency assistance to the victims of the disaster. Due to the extreme emergency, and being mindful of the CDC recommending social distancing, all county employee travel to locations outside of Walla Walla County will cease until further notice. In addition, the commissioners have asked that all meetings conducted by the county use the latest technology to be convened in a virtual environment. The Walla Walla County Department of Community Health continues it operations of a COVID-19 dedicated line at 509-524-2647 to answer questions between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Information about COVID-19 is also available on their website at:"

The reason this is being done is, according to the FEMA website (Federal Emergengy Management Agency) is to allow for the obtaining of Federal funding to help with local efforts in whatever issue is being faced.

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