Grant County Sheriff's and Moses Lake police continue their search for a man believed to have been wounded in an exchange of gunfire, and now fear for his well being.

According to reports, Matthew Low and Patrick Pearson, both of Moses Lake, allegedly were the drivers and shooters who exchanged gunfire from their vehicles Sunday afternoon near a public fishing area.

Authorities were called to Neppel Road Northeast and Road 10.4 Northeast after reports of multiple gunshots fired between the two cars.

Pearson was treated for a gunshot wound and released from an area hospital, but shortly afterward police found evidence in the area making him out to be one of the two shooters. However, Low is missing. Sheriff's say evidence at the scene indicates he was hit, and they believe the injury could be substantial.

The case against Pearson came hours later, as authorities built the evidence to charge him if he's found.

Officials don't know where Low is, or if he was driven from the scene. Anyone who has any information is asked to call 9-1-1. It is not known why the two were reportedly shooting at each other. The search also continues for Pearson.

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