The Substation fire burning about 10-12 miles Southeast of The Dalles, OR is suspected as having been started by arson.

Although the investigation will have to continue, the fire has been burning for the better part of 7 days, and has claimed one life. A rancher trying to help save some of his land perished in the blaze.  It's torched over 70,000 acres. It's being battled by crews from all over the U.S.

We came across this remarkable series of photographs of an aerial tanker, or water bomber, making a run near Dufur, OR, which is right in the thick of the blaze. Dufur is roughly 10-12 miles south of The Dalles.

Brad Robins took and posted these on his Facebook page, and it was shared to several other Facebook sites.

This aircraft is a modified DC-10 airliner, with a large tank attached to the bottom to hold water or fire retardant. Watch how close this aircraft comes to the ground as it drops it's load. The retardant is being used to help 'box in' the fire and contain it. DC-10's have largely been retired from airline use since the early 2000's but are still used by some freight companies and for this use here.

The fire is bigger than the Northwest's largest blaze in 2017, the Eagle Creek Fire.

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