The three children who were the subject of an Amber Alert Tuesday evening have been safety found by Montana Highway Patrolmen.

Authorities were dilligently searching for Kali, Ashton, and Cursten Drakeford, who 'disappeared' with their parents.  They were   traveling with their father, 33 year old Curtis Drakeford, and their mother, 29 year old AshleyTodd.    Due to domestic violence, and prior accusations of child molestation, Drakeford was court ordered to stay away from Todd and her children.

  Authorities believe they were  headed to Missouri or South Carolina.   Drakeford has previous charges stemming from alledgely hitting the children in 2010 and is considered dangerous.   Marysville WA police posted the alert after the family went missing.

   According to sources,  a caller to CPS in Seattle indicated Todd had said she was taking the children with her and their father to South Carolina, where she reportedly has family.  Drakeford is reportedly in custody, and the children are safe.  Authorities did not say if the children were returned to their mother.   By violating a court order keeping Drakeford away from the children, she could be facing charges as well...again.  She was previously charged with breaking an earlier no-contact order against the father.

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