It just keeps happening over and over and....

It began a couple of years ago with what was called the Al Gore effect.  As the former VP flittered around the world pushing his global warming agenda,  his speaking events were plagued by wintry weather, even blizzards.

Since his first term, the President has been tagged with what has been called The Obama Effect.   During his first term, Obama visited numerous green energy companies, touting his green economy.   Double-digit numbers of these companies, including Evergreen Solar and Solyndra, have gone under, costing thousands of jobs.

Well, the closings have spread to companies outside of the green energy world.  At least six other business closings have occured after hosting the President,  many of them seemingly prosperous and long-running companies.

The latest to join the list of failures is Star Brewery Co. in Dubuque, Iowa.   Last August, Obama visited the facility, and last week a sign appeared on the door saying the facility was permanently closed.

Recently, Ray's Hell Burger outside of Washington D.C., reportedly a favorite visit of Obama, also shuttered it's windows.   Obama had visited the restaurant with foreign dignitaries from Russia.

The list of non-green energy company closings also includes Cardinal Fastener in Allentown, PA.  Obama visited there in 2009, using the facility has a backdrop for pushing his stimulus agenda.  The company has since filed for Chapter 11.   Obama also said if his stimulus package passed,  Caterpillar (who make all sorts of construction equipment) would re-hire workers.   The reality?  The company laid off another 2,500 workers.

A Toledo, Ohio restaurant dating back to 1923 also shuttered it's doors not long after a visit by the President.  New Chet's Restaurant closed down after being in business nearly 90 years.

Critics have jokingly pointed out business owners might want to think twice before accepting an invitation from the White House to stage an official Presidential visit.