The Division 4 Canal, which serves Finley and South Kennewick,  has been a 'petulant child' for the Kennewick Irrigation District. (UPDATE - KID Officials say the time needed to fix the breach in the canal, caused by burrowing squirrels, will result in water outages of at least a week.  Some 4,500 customers in Finley and South Kennewick are affected.  This is the second "squirrel" caused outage this year in that canal.)

For the 2nd. time this summer a breach has occurred in the canal, this one resulting in service being turned off early Thursday morning, August 28th.

KID officials are already working to repair the breach,  which will affect about 4,500 customers. The break occurred near Game Farm Road and Oak Street.

KID officials told Newstalk 870 Thursday the repairs will be made ASAP, and crews might be working round the clock, but it is described as a "large" breach.   They're not completely sure, but it could be a multi-day outage of service.

We will pass on more information as it becomes available.


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