Dating back to the winter of 2019, through 2020 and now, there have been at least 9 such crashes in our region (that we know of). Here's #10.

Benton County Deputies continue to investigate this one-vehicle rollover crash from Early Monday morning.

Officers were called to Crosby Road in what Deputies said was rural Benton County and found this sedan well off the road on its top. Crosby Road is a mostly north-south route that runs a few miles north of Prosser.

The area of the road where the car was found was a slight uphill grade and a curve.

The witness who called it in didn't see anyone nearby, and when Deputies got there the vehicle was abandoned. It is not known how long it had been there, or how many persons were on board; or if any were injured. Deputies said speed was definitely a factor in the crash.

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Deputies didn't say if they had any leads after running the plates or other information found in the sedan.

Anyone who may know anything is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

This is somewhat of a recurring theme in our area, local law enforcement periodically finds abandoned vehicles after crashes.

Some of the primary reasons behind this is because the driver either didn't have valid insurance or a license, others (discovered later) had outstanding warrants or other factors that the driver 'knew' if they called Police, they would likely be arrested. This wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last such type of crash.


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