In the wake of two 'dangerous' inhabitants of the Western State Mental Hospital near Lakewood crawling out of a window the other night, now another person has 'walked away' from the facility, and they remain at large!

The person's name has not yet been released, but DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) officials say the person had visited the fashion center at the hospital near Lakewood, WA. but then walked out a door around 10:15am Wednesday-the same day two other inmates got out the window.

One of them 28-year-old Anthony Garver, was committed in 2014 after a brutal murder, and is considered very dangerous. He was spotted Thursday evening near East Valley, a suburb of Spokane. The other inmate who walked away with Garver was captured without incident or violence.

This patient, say officials, was civilly committed after residential burglary and violation of no-contact order charges were filed, and the person was found incompetent to stand trial.

Hospital staff said the person had been granted grounds privileges, but walked away, and one official said such walkaways are "not uncommon."   Yikes!  Officials say this third person is still at large, no other information released.


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