Kennewick police are dealing with an ongoing outbreak of burglaries and break ins that have escalated since October.  Another series reported.

According to information released by the KPD Tuesday,  the following incidents have been added to the list of recent burglaries, which as of Monday stood at 27:

*Sprague Pest Solutions at 410 E. Kennewick Ave - locks were cut off two of the company trailers, but nothing reported missing yet.

*Ray Poland and Sons Construction at 535 W. Grande Ronde - a fuel card and several welding and cutting equipment items were taken.  Police were able to make a plaster cast of a footprint found at the scene.

*Fenced compound at 1031 W. Columbia Drive - several cars broken into in what is being called a car prowl.

*Action Towing 6223 Deschutes Ave. - A window was broken out of a customer's vehicle. Nothing stolen, but police say they found a small flashlight believed dropped by the burglar.

*Apollo Sheet Metal and Construction on Columbia Drive - Someone took apart the front gate and it was found wide open by workers.  A large white Apollo work van full of tools was reported stolen.  The vehicle has large black curzive letters spelling "Apollo" on the side.

*A-Z Towing at 1401  W. Kennewick Ave. - suspect broke into several cars and a boat, then pried open the fence gate.   A car stereo was taken from one of the vehicles.

Due to a number of tips of citizens, and evidence from the investigations, Kennewick police are executing two search warrants Tuesday in connection with the burglaries.

Anyone with information is being asked to call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS (8477).