There's likely a laundry list of charges facing two suspects who were arrested in connection with a spree of espresso stand burglaries.  Police now believe these two committed a recent series of armed hold ups as well.

You may recall earlier this week 2 Dutch Bros (Pasco TRAC and Kennewick) and Finley Haney Road coffee stands were broken into, items and cash taken early Tuesday morning the 18th.

Now Pasco Police have arrested Angel Peredes-Abarra of Finley, and a 16-year-old juvenile. They're facing multiple counts of Felony Armed Robbery, Assault and Harassment (Threats to kill) tied to a pair of incidents involving online sale meet ups. It's partly for this reason Pasco Police established a new "safe" online sale meetup spot near their police station. Two parties met these suspects and were attacked and robbed recently.

During this investigation, police seized a dark colored Honda, the same one seen in the espresso break in surveillance images. Turns out it's very dark green not black. Now investigators say there's a lot of similarities and evidence likely tying these two suspects to that string of coffee stand burglaries.

Reportedly police also saw a female in one of the coffee stand surveillance images, but no word if any such suspect has been ID'd or is being sought.

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