The Omega Law Group, a personal injury attorney firm, has released results from a comprehensive study looking at which states have the most burglaries and break-ins.

 WA ranks near the bottom, when it comes to the worst

The study comes from FBI Crime Data compiled between 2018 and 2022, and shows the 10 most likely states where you're looking at having a burglary.

New Mexico came in at #1 or the worst, with a staggering average of 646 incidents per every 100K of population.

Arkansas and Oklahoma were next, with averages of 532 and 509 incidents respectively (again per every 100K of population.

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WA state came in fourth, with an average of 501 break-ins or burglaries per 100K of population.

South Carolina, Louisiana, Illinois, North Carolina and Mississippi rounded out the top ten. According to Omega Law:

 “The FBI’s most recent crime data shows that in 2022, the US yearly average of burglaries was 269.8 per 100,000 people, meaning all ten states in the ranking are far above this average. In fact, New Mexico’s average is more than double this national average."

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