Over the weekend Kennewick Police report the wrecked truck that was stolen by a convicted felon contained other items as well.

27-year-old Dominic Woodward allegedly stole an F-150 pickup, then led police on a wild chase across town that culminated with him wrecking it on a parking barrier-curb last Tuesday just west of the mall.

Police now say, after using a warrant to search the vehicle, they found a large amount of mail stolen out of Richland, as well as other items believed stolen from around the area.

Kennewick officers have now brought in other departments to help with investigation, and besides the issue of stealing, fleeing in and wrecking the truck Woodward likely will now face a slew of additional charges stemming from the mail theft.

Police say as many of the items have been returned to the victims as possible, and the investigation continues.

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