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This story popped up at, where a radio host was discussing an out-of-the box way to deal with Seattle's exploding crime rate--especially burglaries.

  Company uses dense blinding fog triggered by alarms

A company called DensityUSA has developed a radical way of dealing with break-ins. Disorienting and blinding the suspect with dense, thick fog. reported Tuesday, AM 770 Radio host Jason Rantz had a guest on his show from DensityUSA, and they were discussing this new tech as a possible way for Seattle business owners to "take matters" into their own hands when dealing with crime.

It's no secret due to dwindling numbers of police, and soft-on-crime policies burglaries continue to rise in Seattle.

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DensityUSA is a company for several years now has been selling alarm systems that trigger a dense massive cloud of fog when a break-in occurs. Instead of just a loud alarm and an alert sent to law enforcement, it goes a step further.

   Dense clouds of fog, apparently biodegradable and non-lethal

As soon as the alarm is tripped, the DensityUSA system blasts the room full of thick glycol (food-based) fog. According to their website, and, it is designed to spread very rapidly, fill an entire large room, and will not dissipate for at least 45 minutes. And, because it's glycol, company officials say it leaves no residue.

Company official Harry Merzian told Rantz on his radio show that when a suspect breaks in, and this massive cloud envelopes and blinds them, they don't know if it's smoke, teargas, or something else, prompting them to flee. Repeated testing and real-world burglary results apparently indicate once deployed a person cannot see anywhere in the room.

  Does it work?

According to, and the company's website, they've sold systems to businesses in 80 different countries, but mostly in Europe. According to, company official Merzian said it's never been in the US.

It can be tied into existing alarm systems, according to company officials. reports DensityUSA has reached out to Seattle city officials but so far have not received any response. Below is YouTube video of the product in action from DensityUSA

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