In a theme that has become eerily similar in 2011 and now 2012, yet another solar panel-energy company has laid off a significant chunk of it's workforce.

Willard and Kelsey Group LLC  of Toledo OH, laid off 40 workers in January, citing refinements being made to it's production process.  CEO Michael Cicak did not say when those changes would be finished or when the workers would be returning to work.  The firm, based in Perrysburg near Toledo, still has about 30 people working there.  However,  company officials did not allow reporters from the Toledo Blade newspaper to tour the plant;  nor did officials return more calls asking for details about when the company will be back at full production.   Company officials claim they are also refining their solar panel technology, making it more efficient and valuablel; the CEO claims when done it will make them the best in the world.    Willard and Kelsey is like many other solar companies who have received millions in loans from the government.   W-K has gotten nearly 19 million in government startup money.   CEO  Cicak made sweeping  job number claims,  saying 250 would be employed by the end of 2011 and 6-700 would have jobs over the next two years....current company rolls, including the 40 laid off workers who 'might' be brought back?  80 when it's fully functual.