You may have noticed a sharp decline in the number of radio, TV and even internet ads compelling you NOT to vote for Donald Trump. There's a reason behind it.

According to new data from Inside Radio, which is one of the 'bibles' of the broadcast industry, spending by PAC's or Political Action Committees against the 'Trumpster' has slowed to a trickle.

During the weeks beginning March 11 and 18th, spending by these independent groups was over $17 and $22 million dollars respectively. However, the spending only grew by about $335,000, a drop in the bucket, for the week starting March 25th.

Ad Executives, according to Inside Radio, say the reason is rather simple. Despite the barrage of anti-Trump messages, it's had little or no effect on his polling data, and performances in the caucuses and primaries. The Trump machine continues to steamroll through state after state, regardless of what negatives are being thrown out in the media.

Only time will tell if the spending amps up later this spring. As for political candidates, Bernie Sander's spending jumped up a couple of million in recent weeks, growing to $56.3 million, with Hillary Clinton's people spending around $52 million. These figures include both the candidates campaigns, and PAC's who support them.

However, no candidate has come close to spending the whopping $80 million dollars as was done by the now-defunct Jeb Bush campaign. His Right to Rise USA PAC plunked down those huge dollars prior to his quitting after being trounced in the South Carolina primary in February.

Interestingly, Ted Cruz has had a very strong campaign and showing, despite spending 'only' around $32 million dollars so far.

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