"Doomsday Preppers" is seen on National Geographic TV these days. It's about people convinced the end of the world is coming -- or simply want to be prepared in case of catastrophic events.

Once laughed at, especially after failed "prophecies" about the end of the world that failed to occur, now more people are "prepping" for different reasons.

However, more and more Americans are preparing for some sort of cataclysmic event -- even if it's not the "end of the world." National Geographic recently did a study and found 55 percent of Americans believe another significant terror attack will occur in the U.S. in the next few years. Over half believe another economic collapse is imminent. The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, did a story in February that said over 3 million Americans now call themselves some sort of "prepper."   Recent world events from the Japanese tsunami to unrest around the globe have only added to the unrest.

Throw in one of the most uncertain political and economic climates the U.S. has seen in decades, and you increase the fear. Millions of Americans flocked to buy guns after the election -- then re-election -- of Obama. Gun dealers are reporting record profits.

We wonder if "prepping" is a way to deal with uncertainty and stress, or if they're really onto something. Never in my life have I seen stores like Walmart carrying big cans of non-perishable dry goods.

Just some "non-perishable" food for thought.

For Doomsday Preppers?
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