Oddly enough, the TEA Party and the Occupy May-Day protestors share the same basic views.

Now before your head explodes, consider this:  They both consider the political system to be corrupt, broken, and in need of repair.  They both are after fair treatment of the individual.   However, here's where they split.   The TEA Party wants less government intrusion,  a return to core fundamentals that people should be left alone to pursue their political, financial and personal dreams--without government control.  True responsible freedom.

   The Occupy Movement stems from the entitlement mentality that grew out of the 1960's;  the idea that somebody somewhere "owes" them something.  While there are many well-meaning members of the Occupy Movement (including Occupy Tri-Cities), did it ever occur to them that if they worked as hard at getting a job, personal growth, and pursuing their dream as they do protesting, they might be better off than they are.  The Occupy Movement, as a whole, advocates freedom without personal responsibility.

   While we certainly have the freedom to protest peaceably and to have our voice heard, their methodology is flawed.  Yes, many local Occupy movements (including Tri-Cities) have not engaged in violent, disruptive or militant behavior.  They haven't defecated in alleyways,  physically intimidated innocent people, or tried to shut down legitimate businesses.   But in spirit they are lumped together with their big city brethren who have demonstrated they are nothing more than lazy, scheming people demanding handouts and something for nothing.

 Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government, had this to say about the May Day Occupy Protestors:

"The frustration of the Occupy movement is understandable. When one in two recent college graduates cannot find work in this economy, when waste of the public treasury is at an all-time high, and when our monetary system is controlled by an unaccountable bank cartel, who isn't frustrated?

 "But their tactics are misplaced, juvenile, and at times criminal. Plus, and this is the key point, they're missing the primary target, which are the government policies that created the credit bubble, wrecked the economy, and left future generations with a debt so large it cannot be repaid. Frustration misdirected is not a strategy for retaking the Republic, it is a recipe for anarchy."

  One of the most on-target comments about Occupy.   Take our poll below--Do you think Occupy/May Day protestors make any difference?

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