We are into day three of the 2021 legislative session in Olympia, and already our area GOP legislators are busy. Here's a look at some of the bills that have been filed:

  • House Bill (HB) 1003.  would require watermarks on mail in ballots (Rep. Brad Klippert)
  • House Bill 1004--concerning legislative oversight of emergency orders. This would require legislative input for emergency orders-proclamations, such as those set forth by Gov. Inslee.  this and similar bills would limit to around 14 days.
  • House Bill 1006--would protect the right of every resident of WA to decline immunization based upon religion or conscience.  (Klippert)
  • House Bill 1013-would limit the duration of emergency rules (Klippert)
  • House Bill 1020--concering the emergency powers of the Governor. (Klippert)
  • House Bill 1060--would require legislative approval to extend a Governor's state of emergency...(Rep Tom Dent GOP Moses Lake)

To find out more about these bills and others, click on the button below for washingtonvotes.org. It's a complete listing of all the bills filed, along with text and analysis.

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