Saturday, May 30 from 11AM-2PM, The "We Are Washington" Rally will be taking place at the Capitol Building in Olympia, inviting citizens from every county to converge and stand up for their rights. From their mission statement: (from their website and Facebook page)

"WE the People of the State of Washington are uniting as ONE from across the state.  We are willingly ready to stand together in solidarity as One non-partisan group.  We are uniting to defend and preserve Our Inherent and inalienable rights, which were endowed upon US by OUR Creator.  Those rights allow US to protect OUR liberty and OUR pursuit of happiness.  WE are the ESSENTIAL Slient ajority who are now AWAKE.  WE are taking OUR State back.  WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL. "

    Here's the twist. A local Tri-City area luxury transportation company has slots available for citizens to ride to the rally in "luxury."  TC Black is a transportation company that provides black upper end vehicles for people to use for weddings, wine tours, personal use etc. etc. A wide variety of uber-luxury vehicles most people only dream of driving or riding in, plus limo service.

The company has set aside two limos that will take 13 people to the rally, for a very discounted (basically at cost) price. Sources have told Newstalk870 there are still slots open in the limos, and anyone is welcome to inquire. (you'd be spending $$ on gas there anyway).

These sources have told Newstalk870 the owner and staff of TC Black are like thousands of other small and medium business owners who've been hammered by the Stay At Home and COVID edicts, and fully support efforts to get our state's economy back up and running as close to normal as possible.

The people who have booked limo spots already, sources say, are an eclectic group of business persons, from real estate to retired persons, a diverse group who support our rights.

For more information on this unique opportunity to ride to the rally in "luxury," click on the button below.

For more details about the rally, click on the button below.

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Below is one of the many vehicles they use in their fleet, a luxury Volvo.

TC Black luxury Volvo (TC Black luxury service)
TC Black luxury Volvo (TC Black luxury service)



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