Old KGH Trios location (google street view)
Old KGH Trios location (google street view)

Benton County continues to move forward toward establishing a regional mental health crisis and substance abuse treatment center.

   County expected to close on the old KGH deal in late October

According to the Tri-City Area Journal of Business, by October 25th, Benton County will likely have closed on a $1.6 million dollar deal to buy the old Kennewick General Hospital Auburn location from Trios.

The  Three Rivers Behavioral Health Recovery Center has been a goal of area law enforcement and medical experts, especially Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond. Due to growing shortages of beds for persons needing immediate mental health care as well as substance abuse treatment, an effort has been made to create this new center.

Trios is owned by LifePoint Health, which is a for-profit entity. With the completion of the new Southridge campus birthing unit, Trios has consolidated all of its former Auburn location operations to the new hospital, leaving the old facility as an option.

   A local group spearheads the effort

The Benton Franklin Recovery Coalition has led the effort to establish the treatment center. Due to the conditions of the purchase of the old KGH, Benton County has had to locate a second facility to house the behavioral health services part of the new center.

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   According to the TCAJOB, that second location has not yet been disclosed, but officials say the second location could be "signed" in October also.

The original KGH was created in 1952 with a joint community effort and help from the former Federal Atomic Energy Commission, to fill the void of not having a hospital in Kennewick.


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