After some 44 years of increasing demands for miles per gallon, the Trump Administration and EPA are rolling back what are called CAFE standards, because the most recent goals are deemed unreachable by many auto makers. The new standards would require cars and light-duty trucks-vans to achieve 54 mph on the highway.

CAFE stands for Corporate Average Fuel Economy. Before the 1974 Arab Oil Embargo that led to gas rationing and shortages in the U.S., you didn't see fuel mileage stickers on the windows of cars on the dealer lot.

Rather than ramp up U.S. exploration and production, many politicians instead turned to the EPA to persuade Detroit to pump out vehicles that would get the maximum miles per gallon. Without going into detail, the first ten years could be considered a disaster when it came to small and medium cars (The Chrysler K car ring a bell?).

Now for the first time in years, the EPA is planning to roll back and re-examine the latest CAFE proposals already set by Obama for 2022 to 2025. Many in the auto industry viewed them as nearly 'impossible to attain.' The Hill recently explained this in a piece that says one of the reasons for opposition is CAFE Standards force automakers to produce vehicles that are more fuel efficient than consumers want. In other words, not everyone wants to be driving around in a 'roller skate.' Or a Smart Car.

 Now, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has joined 16 other state's Attorney's General in suing the EPA and the Trump Administration. They claim rolling back the standards hurts consumers, and the environment. Ferguson claims the new standards for cars and light-duty trucks, SUV's and vans is attainable--despite having no knowledge of automobile or engine design.

The Hill reports CAFE standards actually drive UP the cost of vehicles, due to the extensive design and production factors required in squeezing out every last possible mile from a drop of gas.

Ferguson's news release proudly taunts the fact that this is his 25th lawsuit against the Trump Administration, compared to -0- when Obama was in office.

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