As we tick towards Gov. Inslee's 'deadline' of Oct. 18 concerning his mandate for forcing state employees and healthcare workers to get a COVID vaccine or risk being fired, the question we're hearing is, has anyone started legal action?

GOP House Rep Jim Walsh (Aberdeen) answered that question this week, saying he's not aware of any litigation but that's largely because no one has been fired yet. The deadline is not here.

However, Walsh did point people towards a Vancouver area attorney, who has been publicly posting information to guide people in their quest to pursue a religious exemption.  Supposedly Inslee said people who do not want to get a vaccine can avoid it for medical or religious reasons.

However, the criteria for those must be well-founded. You can't just scribble on a napkin and call it good.

Attorney Angus Lee was profiled on the website Clark County Today, and he has been providing information to interested persons.

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He's even posted a 'sample' of what a solid religious exemption letter would look like. In the letter, he cites that both federal and state law fully supports citizens' rights to utilize religious exemptions, and they're protected under such laws.

He said this protects both private and public sector workers, and there are cases that support these exemptions (precedent).

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