It took a little while, but a man Pasco Police are calling the Barefoot Bandit is now behind bars facing a slew of theft charges.


The thefts began Saturday around 4:50 AM when the subject shoplifted TWO boxes of wine from the Maverik store at Road 68 without paying. He was seen walking into the Crossings at Chapel Hill Apartment Complex.

Suspect looked like Mr. Clean (
Suspect looked like Mr. Clean (

Then Sunday, at 8:40 AM and 11:20 AM the SAME barefoot bald suspect shoplifted a total of two bottles of wine from the same Maverik location!


Monday evening he tried the same stunt, but workers had been briefed about him. When they confronted him, he warned them to stay back, he reportedly had COVID and would spit on them.

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He was able to steal another round of wine on Tuesday around 7:45 PM. By now Police had figured out which building in The Crossings he was associated with, but none of the neighbors recognized him supposedly.

Barefoot Bandit in Action (PPD)
Barefoot Bandit in Action (PPD)

Then Pasco PD staked out the area, with an officer watching the Maverik store, but hidden from view by anyone at The Crossings.


Mr. Clean went to the well once too often and finally Wednesday around 3 PM the stakeout officer spotted him heading to the store. An employed ID'd him and the Officer game chase. The suspect, identified as 56-year-old Scott Alan Black of Pasco, was "brought down" in the parking lot. Pasco PD was able to arrest him because the employee had established the new "probable cause."

Mr. Clean Barefoot Bandit is now facing a slew of charges. By the way, he was wearing shoes when he was arrested.

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