Oh Betty White, how we are going to miss you. The beloved entertainer passed away on New Year's Eve day at 99 and leaves behind an amazing legacy. Betty did have ONE attachment to Washington State and it's a beautiful story.

Has Betty White Ever Been To Washington State?

Most know that Betty White loved California but she does have an attachment to Washington State that you might've forgotten about and it's a really special attachment that's just perfect for the entertainment icon.

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It surprised me to discover that Betty White has been to Washington State several times and had been a huge part of Washington State University's Veterinary program since the early 1990s.

Photo courtesy of the WSVMA.
Photo courtesy of the WSVMA.

Betty White Has Been A Huge Donor Of The WSU College Of Veterinary

In a posting on the WSU news page, they listed how Betty White had contributed to the school.

White has a long-standing relationship with the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine thanks to an introduction by Cougar veterinary alumnus Bob Olds ‘67. Olds practiced for decades in Southern California and White was his client for many years.
She first came to WSU in the early 1990s when the college was forming courses in alternatives to live animal surgery. White became a donor to the college and, in 1992, served on the founding steering committee for WSU’s endowed Center for the Study of Animal Well-being. She returned as a guest at the college’s centennial gala in 1999.

White received a special award back in 2011 where she made an honorary WSU alumna. She received a white doctors coat and a plaque that reads:

The Washington State University Alumni Association and the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine are proud to bestow upon you the prestigious Honorary Alumna Award. You have entertained generations of adoring fans, and the awards and recognition you have received throughout your career reflect the impact you have had across the entertainment spectrum.
Your body of work in the entertainment industry is perhaps only eclipsed by your devotion to the health and well-being of animals and the people who serve them. Veterinarians and their essential work have benefitted greatly from your steadfast support.
At the ceremony, Betty accepted the award and then got a standing ovation for this line:
“So now that I have this white coat, if any of you would like to be spayed or neutered, I’m available,”
Betty White was one of a kind and she'll be sorely missed but her devotion and love for animals will live on.
Photo courtesy of the WSVMA.
Photo courtesy of the WSVMA.

What Is The Betty White Challenge?

On January 17th, what would've been Betty's 100th birthday, animal lovers are coming together for the #bettywhitechallenge.

Betty White Loves Washington State

People are encouraged to give $5 to their local pet rescues and animal shelters. I can't think of a better way to honor her.
It's still amazing that as far back as anyone can remember, Betty has been giving her wealth away to worthy causes. It's another reason why America fell in love with her.
You'll be missed, Betty White. 

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