A followup to the Benton City home intruder-burglary story from Thursday.

Early Thursday morning, around 3AM, a 911 call came in from the 1300 block of Karen Ave. in Benton City. The resident, who was not identified, told authorities someone had gained access to their home; or at least they had reason to believe they had.

The resident got out OK, but then began a 7-hour standoff. Benton County Deputies, along with the Tri City Regional SWAT Team and a K-9 unit surrounded the home.

The resident was able to tell Deputies the person inside was a female, but didn't see their face specifically. They also said there were several firearms inside the home that the suspect might have access to.

Finally, after repeated commands, and sending in the K-9, the suspect was extricated. She was identified as 21-year-old Heaven Wilcox.

The event certainly did not end 'heavenly' for her, she had to be treated for a minor K-9 bite following her being arrested.

The resident apparently doesn't know her personally, saying she is someone they recognize from various times around town in Benton City.

Wilcox was taken to the Benton County Jail and charged with Residential Burglary.

Given the presence of firearms in the home, the suspect is possibly fortunate the homeowner did not use them on her during the incident. No one else was injured in the event.

The investigation continues. This is the second incident in the last week or so involving law enforcement presence on Karen Ave. in Benton City.

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