A Benton City teen came to the aid of a stranded motorist and used his graduation money to help out.

The incident was posted on the Benton County Sheriff's Facebook Page and is a nice reminder that there are still good people out there in the world. Here is how the story unfolded according to the Facebook posting:

Last night during night shift a female was traveling through the tri-cities and needed a little help. She was going through tough times and was trying to get to a better place. The Benton County Sheriff’s Office was able to assist her with a 50-dollar gift card. The gift card is part of our community care-taking fund. The best part of the story was a recent high school graduate of Benton City filled up this woman's vehicle with gas. The young man stated he had received some extra money at graduation and was happy to help someone else in need. This woman was overwhelmed with the support she had received from this young man and from the Sheriff's Office. We do have a great community.

We love sharing stories like this and always a wonderful reminder that there are still good people doing good deeds in the world.


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