The Sun Dome will be the site of the Sanders campaign stop, coming shortly after visits to Seattle and Spokane.

Doors will open around 4pm and those who want to attend are encouraged to RSVP at his website.

Sanders was met with a strong reception in Seattle, where his controversial views are embraced, including $15 minimum wage, universal college education, and redistribution of wealth by taxing wealthy people and businesses. The event in Spokane saw far less attendees.

Officials say security will be tights, purses and bags as well as backpacks not permitted.  Sanders is calling this stop 'A Future To Believe In Yakima.' That has been his mantra, 'a future to believe in', throughout his campaign.

Regardless of the political climate in Eastern Washington, Sanders has been using a blanket 'carpet bombing' approach, trying to saturate every possible state he can make it to with his message, rather than target areas that are traditionally liberal or progressive strongholds.


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