I used to ride a lot, but not so much now that I am older. That doesn't mean I don't know which rides are the best. Here are the best rides that I found at the fair this year if your interested. Maybe I'll ride more this year because my daughter is old enough, or maybe I'll just watch.

I will say if your going to ride all day, get the wristband. It is worth it if your into rides!

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    Ferris Wheel

    Everybody can go on the Ferris Wheel, even if your scared of heights. You may not want to go on it, but it is plenty safe. It is also a good way to get away and just relax for a minute or two.

  • credit Daniel X. O'Neil
    credit Daniel X. O'Neil


    This is the first scary rides that I ever rode at a carnival and is one of the most extreme rides at the carnival still after all these years. Don't ride on a full stomach.

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    Pharaoh's Fury

    The legendary boat swing called Pharaoh's Fury is always fun! There is also plenty of room for huge groups, so you can all go on it the same time.

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    Starship 2000

    I knew it as the "Gravatron" and if you get nausous you might want to avoid this one. One time the guy thought it would be nice to give us an extra long ride. Let's just say I haven't been on it since. It was longer then 15 minutes!

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    The Tornado

    This is the only ride that I have ever got sick on. It spins around, and then the four people you sit with spin your pod on another axis. Then they have speakers and lights flashing all around you. If your going to get sick, this is the ride to make you do it.

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    Ali Baba

    This is another large swing ride, although you swing sideways instead of front to back. The line is usually short and is another one that is good for large groups.

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    Goliath Slide

    This is the very first fair ride I remember riding as a kid. I remember it seeming like forever to get to the top, and the wind almost blowing me over. I remember how high it seemed back then. A great first ride for little kids!

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