No other confirmation has been available, but KEPR-19 TV is reporting that the Benton Franklin Health District is implementing/enacting a "no mask no service" policy in the two counties.

KEPR says the announcement was made Wednesday at a press conference, however, no public notification was sent to local media that we are aware of, concerning the press event.

It is not known what enforcement capabilities will come with this edict, currently it's a "requirement" to wear a mask for everyone in WA per Gov. Inslee.

However, local law enforcement is not enforcing it, nor are any across the state for that matter.

In Yakima County, businesses are being 'forced' to turn away customers if they don't have a mask, but that edict is not in place here yet, at least from state officials.

There is nothing on the BFHD website that indicates such a policy is in place, and it is not known how such a policy would be enforced by a local business.

We will attempt to gain additional confirmation and information about this situation.

UPDATE---KEPR TV is now reporting numerous city officials from the area spoke at the event, and insisted this is not 'political' but an effort to get numbers down and business to re open. Dr. Amy Person made the announcement, and the new edict will start Monday. However, no mention of enforcement was apparently made. It is not known if businesses will be REQUIRED legally to enforce this.

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