It's going to be some hefty fines and jail time for two people in Moses Lake.

Grant County's Interagency Narcotics Enforcement team raided a home less than a block from North Elementary school Thursday night.   Citizens had reported suspicious activity near the house at 1230 Arlington, which is 700 feet from the school.    Drug laws are more stringent the closer you get to school zones.  Over 147 grams of pot were seized from the home, and two people arrested; one of whom had children-nice!

 One of the key elements to this story is that neighbors who were paying attention reported suspicious activity to the police.  Now, that doesn't mean run to the cops if you neighbors dog is sniffing or marking your bushes!   But here are some common sense signs there might be drug or other related illegal activity in your neighborhood:

(We want to emphasize, look for patterns of activity that are repeated often or at least somewhat consistently; and especially multiple behaviors listed below).

*unfamiliar vehicles visiting the house for short to moderate periods of time, especially high numbers.

*lots of partying or other similar activity at the home.

*late night, or very early morning visits by vehicles not normally seen at the home.

*vehicles consistently driving slowly by the home--or cars not normally associated with the home parked nearby as if they are waiting for someone.

*visits by numerous numbers of individuals you know do not live there.

  There is a difference between friends visiting the home, and a parade of people you've never seen before, and might not see again.   Check with local law enforcement for other signs of suspicious activity and you can help keep your neighborhood safer.