Officials investigating the drug bust at the Sunnyside Airport last week now believe the people arrested, and the drugs seized, are part of a much larger drug operation now linked to a pair of murders in Canada. Pictured are some of the $350,000 in drugs seized.

Police apprehended a man and woman after they were seen receiving a suspicious package from the occupants of a small airplane that landed at the Sunnyside Airport, then it quickly flew away.

Michelle Fung and Carlos Martinez, the two suspects arrested last Friday, will be in court in early August, and now are linked to a pair of murders up North.

Working with the Calgary Police Service, U.S. officials say a two-year investigation has been going on in Canada. Four men have been arrested for two murders that occurred in 2014 and 2015. Officials say several other people have been arrested, but the DEA won't comment on the arrests.

Officials say the people arrested and drugs seized at the Sunnyside Airport have helped open up the case considerably, to what is said to be a large international drug operation.

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