Should certain offenders be required to carry a special identification card after they are released from prison? If a Senate bill passes in Olympia it could be voted into law.

Senate Bill (SB) 5558 would mandate the Department of Corrections, working with the State Department of Licensing, create an identicard that would be carried by certain offenders upon their release.

Department of Corrections officials say such a card would help the process of this person re-entering society.

According to the text of the bill, "this act intends to ensure that offenders released from state prisons have adequate identification to increase public safety and reduce recidivism (recommitting crimes)." 

Which types of offenders these would be issued to is not yet known, the bill also says the card would apparently not be issued if the person has a valid Washington state driver's license with picture, at the time of their release.

The bill is working it's way through committee.

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