Snow crash leads to DUI hit and run juvenile arrest (KPD)
Snow crash leads to DUI hit and run juvenile arrest (KPD)

A Kennewick juvenile and his father both landed in jail Thursday night after a false accident report unraveled.

Kennewick Police were called to the area of West 7th Place and South Kent, and upon arrival found a damaged vehicle abandoned in the middle of the road, apparently had hit 2 others.

Then came the 911 call from a juvenile, who said his father's car had been stolen, but he would have to make the report because his dad did not speak English. Officers contacted the boy as he was walking up to his home.

Turns out the father, identified as Sesar Ochoa, spoke perfect English. The boy was found to be intoxicated. During the interview, the father repeatedly kept trying to reach into the handcuffed juvenile's pocket to retrieve something. After being told repeatedly to stop, Ochoa allegedly pulled away then pushed and hit one of the officers.

So, then, this what KPD says finally was flushed out:

"The juvenile male stated that he had been driving and crashed into a vehicle. He then attempted to flee and crashed into another vehicle, which disabled his own vehicle. The juvenile was booked into juvenile detention for DUI, Hit and Run (x2), Filing a False Police Report, and Driving without a License. Ochoa was booked for Assault 3, Obstructing LE, and Resisting Arrest."

Whew...a family affair. KPD never did say what was in the kid's pocket.

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