It's a story that made national headlines, largely because of the manhunt for two brothers suspected of murdering an Arlington, WA couple over property disputes. Now, authorities say they believe they've found the missing couple's bodies.

The Snohomish County sheriff's office says the bodies, believed to be Monique Patenaude and Patrick Shunn, have been found in a remote area near the couple's home, north of Seattle.

The two disappeared in April, and video surveillance at their property and other forensic evidence linked John Blaine Reed and Tony Reed (on right in picture), two brothers, to their going missing. John Reed had property boundary issues with the couple, friends and neighbors even avoided the seemingly threatening and violent man.

U.S. Marshalls and the FBI joined in the search, as the two men were seen in Phoenix, then Mexico. Tony Reed was arrested after he had crossed back over the border and he surrendered to authorities. His attorney had said he was prepared to defend himself.

He reportedly provided information that led to officials discovering the bodies. The search continues for John Reed, his whereabouts are still not known after being spotted in Mexico some time ago.  Tony Reed is facing a variety of charges, including premeditated first-degree murder and unlawful possession of a firearm.

His brother is considered an armed and dangerous suspect.

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