It's not often we hear of new aviation records being set, but Boeing is happy with this one.

In yet another example of Boeing gaining the upper hand in it's ongoing battle with the often-troubled Airbus 300 commercial airliner,   a Boeing 787 Dreamliner set a world speed record during a flight from Boeing Field to Bangladesh in the Far East.    The 787 set down only once during the 40 plus hour flight, for refueling, and set speed records to and from Dhaka Bangladesh.  The aircraft then sped back around the world to Seattle.   Because it was a world's record attempt, the plane did not have the full compliment of seats and passengers, but did have enough seats and amenities for the six pilots who shared flight time, as well as some support crew.   Boeing has seen an upsurge from airlines ordering it's latest aircraft; and some issues with it's European competitor, the Airbus 300, have only helped Boeing's situation.

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