Gov. Inslee now says if Boeing moves it's 787 production to it's newer plant in South Carolina, he will possibly re-examine their tax breaks.

Referring to the Wall Street Journal report saying Boeing is all but done and it's just a matter of logistics, Inslee's statement said in part;

 "If this report is true, it would force a review of that partnership, including a hard look at the company’s favorable tax treatment."

He's referring to the 16 years of tax breaks that Boeing has received, passed by the Washington State Legislature to encourage more growth and jobs by the aerospace giant.  However, earlier this year, the Legislature already moved to eliminate one of the tax breaks that saved them some $200 million in 2018, because of threats of European tariffs related to the Airbus airliner.

Then, much like the the double-speak about COVID policy enforcement, Inslee changes his tune in the release, and said this:

"I stand ready to work with the Boeing Company to keep production here, and with the workforce to ensure, regardless of outcome, that we keep a strong aerospace sector alive in Washington state."

During much of the COVID crisis, Inslee repeatedly denied having to use any state enforcement via the Attorney General's office for COVID business violators, instead that fell on Labor and Industries, and multiple various businesses and entities were threatened or actually fined up to $10K for violations of his proclamations.

Inslee claimed he (his office, officials, the state) reached out to Boeing to find out what it would take to keep 787 production here. He claims they heard nothing back.

No mention has been made in any his press conferences this spring or summer about Boeing, it was all about COVID, and attacking the Federal Government, some about 'peaceful protests' in Seattle, and then not knowing about CHOP.

More information is expected soon, but according to the Wall Street Journal sources (multiple) Boeing has made up it's mind, now it's just down to logistics of the move.

We shall see.


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