Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies are searching for a man-woman duo, who nearly pulled off an online theft and sale--right under the nose of a North Franklin County farmer-rancher.

Tuesday evening, Deputies were called to a property on Hope Valley Road, and learned that a suspect, 38-year-old Curtis R. Williams, had allegedly tried to sell 15 expensive steel fence panels that weren't his. Deputies say Williams trespassed onto the would-be victims land, took pictures of the panels, then posted them for sale on Facebook!

They're the ones you've probably seen around fields, or at the Ag Show. They're not exactly cheap.

Apparently a short time later a perspective buyer showed up, and Williams began to load the panels into the buyer's truck. However, a witness neighbor saw the activity, and notified the landowner. Turns out the panels were, of course, NOT for sale. The would-be buyer had no idea, say Deputies, that the panels would have been stolen. They are not facing any charges.

Deputies didn't say what methods were used, but the witness 'convinced' Williams to put the panels back where they'd been. However, he and his accomplice/girlfriend, 52-year-old Darci A. Davenport, fled the scene before authorities got there.

No mention of what kind of vehicle they were traveling in.

Deputies are now searching for the two, anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

Judging from the mug shot style pics, these two are "familiar" with law enforcement in our area.

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