No, police don't think the culprit is a musician, rather it's likely they're looking to pawn or fence the expensive musical items stolen. And, a set of keys stolen in the first break in were used the last two times!

Pasco police report the Cielos Abiertos, a Spanish-speaking church located at 10th and Yakima, has now been broken into three times. The church is pictured in our photo.

Two weeks ago, a computer bag was stolen from an employee of the church, and it contained a set of access keys. Church officials reported on September 15th, somebody used the keys to enter overnight and tear the place up. Offices were rummaged through, cash was stolen.

Then early Wednesday morning, keys were used to enter the church again, this time three guitars were stolen. A safe that had been pushed across an office room in the first burglary was moved again, but this time was cut open. Police say someone likely used an angle grinder to access it.

Remarkably, despite suggestions from police, the locks were NOT changed on the facility after the first break in.  Anyone who might have any information is urged to anonymously call (509)-628-0333.  All leads are confidential.


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