Richland police have shared some safety tips for homeowners, best ways to keep their home from being broken into.

For a number of years, Oregon State Prison officials compile a survey by asking certain inmates about what encouraged them to commit certain crimes, especially burglary or theft.

Inmates who qualify for the survey are those who show the most 'reformability,' kind of like the ones who participate in those Scared Straight Youth Anti-Crime Programs.

Year after year, when asked what the top 2 safety tips are to prevent a break-in, the inmates respond with two answers:

  1. Make sure your home is well lit outside, lots of security lighting with few blind spots, and-
  2.  Make sure there's minimal shrubbery, plants or trees growing close to or up against the home. No 'hiding' places, especially near windows.

Officials say these inmates said they felt a LOT more 'secure' breaking into a home that was dark, poorly lit, and having lots of foliage around the home made for good hiding in case things went bad.  Having a lot of greenery next to the home also gives them more cover, especially when they're trying to jimmy open a window.

They also mentioned, in the most recent surveys, that the installation of video surveillance cameras, or those 'ring' doorbells helps as well, especially if you have a sign prominently displayed that everyone on the front or back door areas are being recorded.

So take it from the inmates themselves...the perps!  Light up, and cut back around your home and you will be far less likely to be broken into.

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