Couple busted for 'lewd conduct' in car in Fred Meyer parking lot become subject of social media humor (Kennewick police)

It's not so much the story, although it's rather eye-opening, but the social media comments are hysterical.

Mid-morning Friday Kennewick police were called to the parking lot of Fred Meyer and 10th and Highway 395 for a report of 'lewd conduct' inside a vehicle. The store and parking lot were said to be rather busy at that time.

Upon arrival, police confirmed that indeed the two people, a 55-year-old man and 39-year-old woman, were busy having sex in inside a vehicle. They were charged with lewd conduct and the woman arrested for violating a court order.

Some of the social media comments were rather amusing. One poster said:

"It all started by bumping carts in the frozen food section...:

Another posted:

As the commercial says 'you'll find it at Fred Meyer.'

And it went on from there, dozens of remarks.