And just when you thought things would not get any stranger...

Early Friday morning around 6AM, Benton County Deputies were called to the area of E. 44th Ave. and South Kingwood (about a half mile west of Highway 397, not far from the Green to Go pot shop) for a report of a suspicious truck.

The caller said the truck was being driven erratically, and the occupants were throwing trash out the window. Upon arrival Deputies found the driver Victor Piccini-Ventura (26), his wife Xavier S. Roberson (21) were inside the truck completely naked, and they appeared to be intoxicated.

When they arrived, Deputies tried to stop the truck, but Ventura kept driving, eventually just going in circles around the block. After a few laps, spike strips were deployed to stop them, and both were arrested. Roberson and a four-year-old child were taken to an area hospital, but had no injuries. Ventura is facing a variety of charges in connection with the incident. No word if any charges against Roberson.


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